Wow wow wow :) God, You provide. :’)

I think I’m having a really bad withdrawal case from the mission trip I just went to. We all came back yesterday in the afternoon and I’ve just been sitting around trying to think about what to do.
I’ve been asking the question, “where do I go from here God?” and although I haven’t found a specific answer, trusting Him with whatever circumstance I am in and seeking Him above all else seems the only thing I can do…

Moving forward, striving to seek Him in everything. :)

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Congrats on graduating… #2monthslate #diplomapickup

Watching FECC Cerritos baptismal service from Michigan!!! @chuckbobxd @theliddlehobo @r_nni @versatilepotato @sh0rtyb0y888 @phoeebeeesays @heyitslilith

Brought this tank top to Michigan specifically for today! Homemade Boba milk tea for our church’s night market! So many people! :) #FECCMissions #FECCMichigan #FECCNightMarket

In Michigan, we make our own night markets. 🍢🍙🍵

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Day 7 of 12- Through these five days of VBS, I can honestly say that God has brought about transformation in my life. Not just for myself, but for my fellow brothers and sisters around me.
To the prayer meetings in the morning, to the night time of only getting three to four hours of sleep each night, it was all worth it because I know that God’s love was displayed to these children and to us as well.
Even when I thought it couldn’t be possible for me to be a song leader to these kids, or even talk to them, allowing myself to surrender to God constantly brought about amazing and wonderful things to manifest. Let that continue, let that continue.
God is so good, God is so good. My heart is for these kids. I want to come back and see them grow up into wonderful men and women of God who serve Him at their best. Man, what a privilege it was to serve these kids this week. It was truly God working in this church. All glory to Him.
Please pray that the night market we would be conducting today (Saturday) would be a way to show the community about FECC Michigan and ultimately for people to see God. Great things are happening here. I just know it. :)
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Da Boba cup sealer for tomorrow’s night market #FECCMichigan #FECCMissions

FECC Michigan VBS 2014 completed. #yournextboyboyband #straightoutofRochesterMichigan #FECCMissions #FECCMichigan #VBS2014JungleSafari (at FECC Michigan)

Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. What other words can describe God’s work than that word?
Today was a day filled with passion, filled with sacrifice, filled with tears, filled with cries, filled with prayers, and filled with God’s love.
To meditate in constant prayer what the cross means, to be stirred to do God’s work, to be the light of this broken world, it is all for Him. It is all for Him and His glory to be seen. That Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection was not for the few, but for the whole world.
God’s love spans from everlasting to everlasting. Oh how overwhelming today was. Today has shown me again God’s amazing power. That again and again He is to be praised. Lives were changed today. Lives were definitely changed today. All from the name of Jesus. That powerful, wonderful, name. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord.

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