I think the one thing that I was really able to receive and put into practice from retreat was raising up the weight and glory of God’s Word; that this is how God reveals His plans to us and for us and that we can be transformed to be more in His image because of it.
Thank you everyone that came and planned! And thanks be to God for making all this happen. :) It was a great and powerful learning experience. :) #FECCKairos

*And thanks Jon for the group pic and the Amy for the group Bible reading pic.

Darren getting serenaded w/his favorite song. XD #FECCKairos

God let your light shine.

John 2:11 NIV

What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him.

Yay for getting breakfast together! You look so tired Josey x). Have a great day and weekend! (at The Coffee Cup Cafe)

Happy birthday my kyoudai in Christ! Thanks so much for everything and have a wonderful day today! See you in the summer with everyone else! Yay for hanging out soon!

Presenting me, my dog, and my sisters. x) It’s #nationalsiblingday

Totally forgot how long my eyelashes were… People sometimes think I wear eyeliner. x)

Ask yourself, “where can I see God today?”

“God created everything, and what he created was good, but what he created to be good was not created as an end in itself but was given to us as good in order that we might be driven to worship him… We are never not worshiping, anyway. It is easy to see that you and I have been created for worship. We’re flat-out desperate for it. From sports fanaticism to celebrity tabloids to all the other strange sorts of voyeurisms now normative in out culture, we evidence that we were created to look at something beyond ourselves and marvel at it, desire it, like it with zeal, and love it with affection. Our thoughts, our desires, and our behaviors are always oriented around something, which means we are always worshipping- ascribing worth to- something. If it’s not God, we are engaging in idolatry… But we were meant to worship, meant to give glory to something greater than ourselves. So we interact with the earth in such a way that our hearts and minds should always be being stirred up to how good, beautiful, and gracious God is to us in what he’s given, from his creativity in crafting flavors, to his beneficence in dispensing the warmth of the sun. The scriptural testimony is this: God’s chief concern is for his own glory… Therefore, the main point of human life ought to be regard to God’s glory.” (The Explicit Gospel) #importantbookreading #MattChandler #JaredWilson #TheExplicitGospel

I think one of the best things that comes from following Christ is the ability to reflect upon oneself on such a level as confessing that you have all these faults that you genuinely know are faults about yourself, and yet instead of indulging in dread that you may never change, you are able to remember that there is always a chance to rid those faults away from yourself, through Christ’s power to change the heart and become more like Him; to follow His example.